Monday, May 21, 2012

We have cabinets!!!!

Cabinets and bathroom countertops are in, first coat of paint is done!

Here are some pictures from our trip yesterday morning:


Family room/Recreation room

Kitchen - Maple Espresso cabinets

Our awesome PM added the molding as a wedding gift. A beautiful surprise!!

View into living room

View from living room

Stairs leading to 3rd floor

Love the 2-panel doors! We're the first to have them in our community.

Another view of my favorite room to include the pantry

Guest bath - Maple Spice

And the countertop

Guest bath

Office/3rd bedroom - notice the brick on the floor

2nd bedroom

Master bath double vanity

Dual shower that will be marriage-saving

 And onto some concerns we have:

All the cabinet edges are unfinished. Will they be stained later?

This wall looks like it is crooked (heading left) but I may just be crazy.

This is ugly to me and I hope something will be added to the stairs!

Our bedroom eyesore that I read about on other blogs.
We have 3 of these. The master closet is wedged between both bathrooms and houses 2 of these so why couldn't the 3rd go in there?!?!?

All the edges of the bottom steps have chunks out of them, which I hope won't be noticable once the carpet is installed.

Some genius left their iced-coffee cup upside down on our island cabinet drawer while it was still wet and left a ring! If it leaves a permanent mark I will ask that it be replaced.

I'm not sure if you can see in this picture, but in several areas of the house (most noticably the basement) there is several water marks that look like leaks. However, I'm hoping it is something else that was too watered dow when they were painting? Emailing PM today.

Hardware is crooked. We only added the hardware because we didn't think we could get them all straight and didn't want to put multiple holes in our cabinets. I understand that it would be asking a lot for them all to be perfectly straight. But this particular cabinet bothers me because the doors close toward each other and I notice it from a distance. It's driving me crazy!!!

Tile and granite are going in this week, and I have been gathering estimates to add a deck on the back of the kitchen after settlement (when after settlement - I don't know). I'm highly anticipating the granite, because we chose Santa Cecilia which varies widely in color and I'm afraid it might come in too yellow/gold-ish. The tile we chose may not match if it does come in more gold than off-white/tan. We shall see.

I will post more pictures this week!


  1. I don't think it's too much to ask for your knobs to line up perfectly. Especially since they charge so much to install them if they aren't already included with your cabinets.

    1. I agree. It looks like it may have been fixed, but I'm going back today to double-check. If they are still not lined up correctly I will be discussing it with my PM on Wednesday during a walk-through.

      I hope your building pace picks up soon. I want to see it!

  2. Agreed on the knobs.

    Cabinets look great, otherwise. Love that they added the trim for you. Really finishes the look!

  3. Your house is beautiful! We are building a Ryan Home on Maryland. That was super nice of your PM! The crooked hardware would drive me crazy. I dont see why they wouldn't fix it.

  4. Hey Ashley, where is your home? I just started the process with Ryan, and debating between the Mozart and Strauss models. Also, my first choice of cabinet color was espresso. I would love to hear more from you. :)


    1. Jaclyn,

      I responded from my phone but it didn't post on here. Did you get any sort of private message? If not I'll be happy to respond again!


    2. Hi Ashley!

      I did not. If it is easier, you can email me at I would like to know if you are close to my area. :)

      Thanks :)

  5. HI Ashley, just finding your post! Congratulations on your new home! I have to agree with the others regarding the kitchen knobs. It would drive me crazy--it's like the picture on the wall that's crooked. You can change it easily but the knobs require more. Now that they are down to the fine details they get to make sure they are handled with excellence. I would have them correct the mistake, we pay to much money for our homes to let these sorts of things fly by.